About WPPM - FAQ

Q: How can I apply for a regular time slot on WPPM?

If you want to apply for a regular timeslot on WPPM, you should first visit phillycam.org/join and view our PhillyCAM Virtual Tour video, become a member and then attend the next scheduled Radio Orientation (register at phillycam.org/membership-orientation-sessions). Once you've completed these steps, you should set an appointment with WPPM's Radio Program Manager to discuss your program idea and next steps.

We require that all members complete 20 volunteer hours at WPPM before applying for a regular time slot. Ways to complete volunteer hours include but are not limited to:

  • Producing one or more radio Specials (trial series, pilot or project, one-off / not guaranteed a consistent time slot)
  • Taking a radio-related class or workshop at PhillyCAM
  • Attending PhillyCAM's member networking events, such as our Virtual Watercoolers, Member Meet-Ups, etc.

Once you have completed 20 volunteer hours at WPPM, you may submit an application for a regular time slot while the application window is open (in January and June). Please contact WPPM's Radio Program Manager (allison@phillycam.org) before you submit your application to ensure it is properly completed.

After your application is submitted, WPPM's Programming Committee will review it among other applications.

If your program is approved, you will shadow a current programmer's show, complete a 2-session Radio Studio training, pass a practical competency test and a written FCC/FM broadcasting test. Once you have completed this process, you will be assigned a regular time slot for a live or pre-recorded show!

Q: I already produce a podcast. Can I submit this content for airing on WPPM?

WPPM does not broadcast podcasts "as-is" - all programs must be formatted for FM radio. WPPM will require that your podcast be formatted to meet our Guiding Principles, abide by FCC rules and include announcing/identifiers to address our FM audience. This may require editing and pre-production considerations. Members may submit formatted podcasts to the Radio Program Manager for consideration as radio Specials prior to applying for a regular slot on WPPM.

Please contact the Radio Program Manager for details. If you would like a regular time slot on WPPM, you must complete the steps outlined towards hosting a live or pre-recorded radio program.

Q: If I produce a radio Special or a Regular Series, can I broadcast commercials or secure a sponsor for my show?

PhillyCAM holds a non-commercial, educational LPFM license for WPPM, which means we are not permitted to air commercials or language promoting the sale of goods and services. As a non-commercial station, we are however allowed to engage in sponsorships to benefit the station through underwriting. All underwriting/sponsorships mentioned on WPPM must solely support PhillyCAM/WPPM - not individual members. All underwriting must be approved by the Executive Director, Radio Operations Manager and Radio Program Manager.

Q: What is the radio studio equipped with?

Our radio studio is equipped with: an analog radio mixing console with inputs for 6 microphones, 2 CD players, 2 direct drive turntables and a mixer, 1 desktop studio computer, 1 Streamyard-equipped iMac with webcam, an 1/8" AUX input and a landline telephone.

*Please note that the radio studio is available to members on an appointment-only basis, with priority going to programmers with a Regular Series.

Q: Where can I listen to WPPM?

You can catch WPPM at 106.5 on the FM dial in the Philadelphia/South Jersey area within about a 4 mile radius of City Hall. We stream worldwide 24/7 on the web at phillycam.org/listen and the TuneIn app.

Q: How many people are listening?

We are not able to access information about how many FM listeners are tuned in at any given time, but we know we have 800,000 people in our coverage area. However, we are able to track webstream listeners, with peak listening at about 50 listeners tuning into our most popular show. Most recently, we've averaged about 600 unique listeners tuning into our webstream per week.

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